How to Reprogram Your Nissan Key Fob

Your Nissan’s key fob is a pretty sweet convenience feature. With your fob in your purse or pocket, you can quickly hop in or pop the trunk “key-free” by simply pushing the request switch on your Nissan’s door handle. It’s one of those features that once you get used to you’ll wonder how you went all this time without it. Luckily, if your key fob needs to be reprogrammed, Charleston Nissan has your back! The procedure to reprogram your key fob is the same for all Nissan models, whether you have an Altima, Rogue, Juke, or Titan. Check out the following walk through resource to help get your fob and car quickly reconnected. Before You Start: Make sure you have all of the remotes that you wish to reprogram with you when you go through this procedure. If you leave out a remote, it will become inactive.

Step 1: Lock All Doors Using the Driver’s Side Power Lock

Get into the driver’s seat and lock all of the doors using the power lock switch on the driver’s side door pane.

Step 2: Consistently Insert & Remove the Key into the Ignition Until Your Hazards Flash

In order to get your Nissan key fob to enter reprogramming mode, you’re going to need to insert and fully remove the key from the ignition, without turning it, at least 6 times in 10 seconds. Count from the first action leaving about 1 second between each key placement and removal. Continue inserting and removing the key until your hazard lamps come on. Note: The reprogramming system is sensitive to timing, if you do this part of the procedure too fast or too slow it may not work. Try another set until you see your hazards blink twice.

Step 3: Turn the Key to ACC Mode

Once receive confirmation from your hazard lights, return the key to the ignition, but this time turn it to ACC, or Accessories Mode.

Step 4: Push the Fob’s “Lock” Button Once

Within 5 seconds of completing step 3, push the “Lock” button on the fob once. At this time, your hazards will flash again to signal that the reprogramming cycle is complete. Note: Pressing the button more than once will cause the reprogramming to fail.

Step 5: Program Remaining Remotes

To program remaining remotes, use the switch on the driver’s side door to Unlock and then Lock all doors. Then, within 5 seconds of locking the vehicle’s doors, press “Lock” on the next key fob that needs to be reprogrammed. Your hazards should come on to signal each successful programming.

Step 6: Turn the Key to Off & Remove It

When you’re done reprogramming all of your remotes, turn the key to Off and remove it from the ignition. You’re now ready to get out of the car, close the door, and test each of your newly programmed Nissan key fobs.

Need Nissan Key Fob Assistance? Charleston Nissan Can Help

We hope this guide helped you successfully reprogram your Nissan key fob. If these steps didn’t work for your Nissan model, Charleston Nissan’s experienced auto technicians can help. We’re proud to assist Summerville, North Charleston, and Mount Pleasant area Nissan drivers in getting the most out of their vehicles. We help you save time and frustration so you can get back to your daily travels sooner. If your Nissan’s not cooperating, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.