5 Essential Car Accessories

5 Essential Car Accessories

A road trip means spending a lot of time behind the wheel. While modern cars are well-equipped with comfort and safety features, there are some car accessories with modern functionality that can enhance both the joy and safety of road journeys. Here are five essential car accessories you should buy.

1. Rooftop Cargo Box

A rooftop cargo box is a useful accessory for a road trip. For a road trip, you need to carry lots of things and the trunk of the car does not always have enough space for everything you want to carry. A rooftop cargo box sits on the roof of the car and attaches to the roof rails, leaving plenty of room in the car for passengers. The rooftop cargo box can match or exceed your car trunk’s storage space.

2. Car Vacuum Cleaner

Keeping your car clean can be difficult, especially due to those nooks and corners that are perfect places for dirt to hide. A car vacuum cleaner is a useful accessory that can keep your car sparkling clean. The car vacuum cleaner can be plugged into a cigarette lighter and has an integrated crevice tool and several attachments that make car cleaning easy. There’s also an adjustable nozzle that can pick dirt from tight spaces. When you’re done cleaning, it can be folded up and stowed nicely in the car.

3. Tire Pressure Monitor

You need to maintain the right air pressure in all tires for better handling and safety. If your tire pressure is low, your car’s rolling resistance increases and will burn more fuel. This can increase fuel costs significantly on a road trip. It is very hard for a person to gauge the tire pressure just by looking at the tires. A tire pressure monitor is a useful accessory that allows you to check the air pressure in all of your tires without a trip to the garage.

4. Puncture Repair Kit

A flat tire can be a big problem on highways or when you are far away from a city. A puncture repair kit can be a useful accessory to repair punctures in tubeless tires without removing the tire from the rim. The puncture repair kit contains all necessary tools like sealing lubricant and string plugs to perform a puncture repair in your garage or on the road. The puncture kit comes in a strong molded case that holds all tools in one place and also provides easy storage. A puncture repair kit will not only save money and time but also help you deal with tire punctures more confidently.

5. Car Escape Tool

A car escape tool is an essential car accessory that can help you and other passengers get out of the car safely in the event of an accident. If you ever have an accident, escaping from your vehicle is the first step towards safety. The car escape tool contains a seatbelt cutter, window breaker, LED flashlight and knife, all of which are extremely useful in escaping from a car.

These are some of the essential car accessories that can make your journey safer and more comfortable for everyone.