Nissan Intelligent All Wheel Drive

Nissan Intelligent All Wheel Drive

Nissan Intelligent All Wheel Drive

As a pioneer in auto technology, Nissan has come up with what it calls Intelligent All Wheel Drive. This technology is part of the Nissan Intelligent Mobility suite and is an essential feature that offers drivers a smooth and secure driving experience. Intelligent All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) is capable of monitoring driving conditions constantly, and depending on what it detects, it seamlessly delivers power to the wheels accordingly. This helps the driver in maintaining better control, thus encouraging a smooth and convenient trip, whether you're on a long highway drive or in the midst of your daily commute.

In other words, Intelligent All-Wheel-Drive automates AWD in enabled cars so that the driver does not have to worry about manually controlling and delivering power to all the wheels of the vehicle. This results in an impressive combined AWD fuel efficiency.

According to Nissan, its Intelligent All-Wheel-Drive gives drivers the control of 4WD with the efficiency that 2WD provides. The system can monitor surface conditions continuously and then, based on available traction for all-weather adaptability, distributes torque between the front and the rear axles.

Which cars have Intelligent All-Wheel Drive?
Many of Nissan's models come equipped with Intelligent All Wheel Drive, including Nissan Altima, which was the first to offer available AWD among the automaker's sedans. Nissan Rogue also has Intelligent AWD and is, in fact, the only Nissan AWD variant that comes as a hybrid. The Rogue Sport too has Intelligent AWD.

The 2020 Nissan Murano is another vehicle that comes equipped with this technology and is capable of using all four wheels for improved control. The GT-R also has Intelligent All-Wheel Drive, which is the perfect addition that complements its whopping 565 horsepower and 467 pound-feet of torque. So, whether you're on the racetrack or in the mountains, you can be guaranteed a smooth, efficient, and easy ride.

With these Nissan vehicles equipped with the Intelligent All Wheel Drive, you can be confident that you will gain better control over your Nissan, regardless of the riding surface. Contact us at Hudson Nissan of Charleston to know more about Nissan Intelligent All Wheel Drive.

Source: Nissan