What Are the Best Car Wash Soaps?

What Are the Best Car Wash Soaps?

If your car’s paint looks dull due to all grime and dirt that sticks to the surface, then you know it’s time to clean it. If you want the cleaning job to be perfect, you need to select the best car soap. Here we have listed the best car soaps available. 

Chemical Guys Citrus Wash and Gloss

It is one of the most popular car wash soaps in the market due to its environmentally friendly characteristics. The car wash is citrus based and available in a gallon which will last for a year or more. Using the car wash soap is simple. Just mix a cap full of wash solution in five gallons of water and you have a bucket full of the cleaning solution ready. The foaming solution lifts the dirt from the deepest corners and crevices which can be then easily removed. The biodegradable formula does not damage your paint job in any way. 

Meguiar’s Gold Car Wash

Meguiar is one of the leading names in car wash soaps. Their Gold Car Wash has an advanced wash formula that gently removes grime and dirt sticking to the surface. The car wash soap cleans contaminants and other foreign particles from the car’s surface to reveal the color and clarity of the paint. The strong cleaning solution does not affect your wax and your car will look brand new after washing with Meguiar’s Gold Car Wash.

Adam’s Car Shampoo

Adam’s Car Shampoo is one of the oldest car wash soaps available. The car wash formula has been thoroughly tested for effective cleaning and safety of paintwork. The concentrated formula makes a thick foam that cuts into the dirt and loosens it. All you need is a few drops of concentrate and a bucketful of water and you can deep clean your car without any hard scrubbing. The car dish soap is pH balanced and it won’t strip paint or wax. Also, Adam’s Car Shampoo is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. 

Mothers Carnauba Wash and Wax

Mothers Carnauba Wash and Wax soap is easy to use and it gently cleans your car. When you wash your car with Mother’s Carnauba Wash and Wax, you don’t have to buy additional wax to apply after the wash. Using this product not only saves money but also time. Mothers Carnauba Wash and Wax is pH neutral and it does not leave any marks behind. The product is biodegradable and does not cause any health hazards for humans or animals. Mothers Carnauba Wash and Wax comes in a 64-ounce bottle of concentrated solution that will last for a year or more. 

Turtle Wax ICE Car Wash

The Turtle Wax ICE Car Wash uses ICE Smart Shield Technology that delivers good cleaning results without harming the paint and wax on your car. This car wash soap produces a rich lather that loosens all dirt particles on the surface and makes for easy cleaning. The intensively linked polymers in the product form an invisible barrier providing good weather protection after a car wash. 

With so many car wash soaps available in the market, you need to pick one that cleans dirt effectively without harming your car’s paint job. All of the soaps listed above will do just that!