The Best Holiday Sales Events

The Best Holiday Sales Events

A car is one of your most expensive assets. You’ll want to find the best opportunity to save money when looking to buy a new car. During certain times of the year, you’ll find car dealerships offering different sales events. Here are some of the best events to look out for to save the most amount of money on your next vehicle.

Memorial Day

Memorial Day marks the start of summer. Many car dealers offer sales events during the whole month after the long weekend. This is a great time to buy a car. New car models tend to come out in the fall, so Memorial Day is a good chance for dealerships to clear out older models to make some space.

Independence Day

The Fourth of July, or Independence Day, is a great time to find deals on your dream car. Many people flock to car dealerships to get a good deal. It’s common to find car dealerships advertising discounts and easy financing options.

Labor Day

Labor Day is an amazing opportunity for car buyers looking for big discounts. Dealerships are always looking to meet their monthly sales target, but the fall months are slower. Salespeople are more open to negotiation when sales are low. But there’s a bigger reason why dealerships want to bring as many people in on this long weekend.

After Labor Day, the models for the next year start to become available. Smart buyers know that when the new models roll up, the current year’s models are considered old inventory. Dealerships don’t like to be under pressure to clear this inventory, so they want to get it off their lot as quickly as possible, offering you discounts in the process.

Black Friday

The day after Thanksgiving is Black Friday, which is known for being a retail frenzy around the world. Car dealerships like to get in on the action by offering big deals, since they need to sell their inventory to make their yearly sales targets. Black Friday may be your last chance in the year to find the perfect deal for you.

Presidents Day

Presidents Day is one of the best times of year to buy a new car. Because it comes so late in February, most car dealerships are falling low in sales and have too much inventory. You are more likely to get a good discount and attractive financing options during Presidents Day.

Purchasing a car during holiday sales events can save you a lot of money. Make sure to wait for the perfect chance to buy your dream car!