Why Buy A Nissan

new nissan versa sedan

Why should you buy a new Nissan at Hudson Nissan of Charleston? Find out!

Why should you buy a pre-owned or new Nissan in Charleston? We at Hudson Nissan of Charleston are excited to tell you why! One of the reasons is at Hudson Nissan of Charleston we have an unparalleled selection of new Nissan vehicles like the new Nissan Maxima, new Nissan Sentra, the new Nissan Armada, and even the new Nissan Sentra all here in Charleston, South Carolina! Whatever kind of Nissan vehicle you are looking for we at are bound to have it at Hudson Nissan of Charleston. For example, are you looking for a sleek and fuel-efficient vehicle? Try zooming through the city streets of Charleston in the new Nissan Versa Note in Charleston. Maybe you are seeking a new Nissan that will accommodate the whole family? Hudson Nissan of Charleston has you covered with the new Nissan Pathfinder in Charleston with seating for up to up to 7. Our Nissan vehicle selection is wide and varied but you will never feel alone while shopping for a new or pre-owned Nissan vehicle. Our warm and welcoming sales staff are thrilled to welcome you to our beautiful showroom and start your Nissan vehicle journey together!

At Hudson Nissan of Charleston you can always expect impeccable Nissan service in Charleston whether it is learning how to care for your new Nissan from our knowledgeable Nissan vehicle technicians or even having the ability to directly contact our general manager through the state-of-the-art platform we want you to know that in Charleston Hudson Nissan is here for you and will always go the extra mile for you no matter if you have been a customer for two months or two years! Our excellent Nissan service in Charleston continues with the Extra Advantage Benefits program available when you purchase a new Nissan in Charleston at Hudson Nissan. This Extra Advantage Benefits include a range of perks and privileges that will surely make you smile as the owner of a new Nissan in Charleston. Some of these perks include two years of unlimited oil and filter changes, a free first tank of gas when leaving the lot on Hudson Nissan of Charleston, complimentary car washes with service, and an astounding lifetime warranty with unlimited times and miles! How amazing is that?! At Hudson Nissan of Charleston we think it is and we would love to share this program with you in full when you come on over to Charleston, South Carolina to get your Nissan vehicle journey started today!

At Hudson Nissan of Charleston we have an unmatched selection of new and pre-owned Nissan vehicles, expert Nissan service in Charleston, and an Extra Advantage Benefits program for new Nissan owners that is hand-crafted to show you much we care for all of our loyal Nissan customers. Whether you have a customer for three months or three years we are proud to serve you at Hudson Nissan of Charleston and we are thrilled to show you why you should buy a new Nissan at Hudson Nissan of Charleston today!

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