Car Tips and Tricks

Car Tips and Tricks

Driving a car for pleasure, sport or merely for commuting can give you immense pleasure. It gives you a sense of freedom as you feel the power of man over machine. If you’ve finally bought the car you always wanted, you must know a few things that can help you keep the mechanic’s bill to a bare minimum.

This article explores a few tips and tricks that can help you get the best out of your automobile!

Tip #1: Get to Know Your Car

While it may be difficult to remember all the components of your car, knowing about a few important ones can certainly make your life much easier. Study the manual that came with the car so that you are well versed with your new vehicle. It answers most of the questions that arise in your mind!

Tip #2: The Way to Refuel Your Vehicle Safely

You must always use the right kind of fuel for your vehicle. In case of a mix up, it is recommended that the fuel tank is drained to avoid damage to the fuel system. Also, remember to never refuel your car while the engine is still running. You run the risk of starting a bad fire.

Trick #1: The Trick to Elevating Fuel Efficiency Lies in Checking Your Vehicle’s Tire Pressure

Maintaining the precise air pressure is a great way to further your ride’s fuel efficiency. Besides, if tires are not properly inflated, you risk your vehicle’s tires undergoing a lot more wear and tear. This could mean an expensive fix in case your car breaks down. You must read about the recommended tire pressure according to your vehicle’s make and model. For the uninitiated, you should know that it will be mentioned in the manual!

If you have ever had a bouncy ride, it’s probably because of over-inflated tires. The right air pressure makes for better handling of the vehicle!

Trick #2: The Trick to a Perfectly Clear Windshield

For better visibility, your windshield should be crystal clear. This also gives your automobile a great look. For that extra sparkle, you should consider cleaning the glass with a solution that is 50% vinegar and 50% water. You can do it with the aid of a newspaper to polish it well.

Also, remember that your wiper blades should be clean to avoid scratches. You can clean them with a solution of alcohol. However, it is recommended that they are replaced from time to time.

Trick #3: You Can Eliminate a Blind Spot by Adjusting Your Mirrors

Mirrors should be placed so that they compliment each other and give you complete information about the rear view without any blind spot. Moreover, when reversing the car, many times you have to turn back or crane your neck too far. This discomfort can easily be avoided.

Always make sure that the rearview and side view mirrors are adjusted properly each time you venture out in your car for a safe drive. Happy travels!