Tools Every Driver Should Keep in Their Car

Tools Every Driver Should Keep in Their Car

If you get stuck with your car in an emergency situation like a breakdown or a dead battery, you need immediate help to get out of it. It may not be possible to find a reliable mechanic, especially if you get stranded in an abandoned area. This is the situation where you need to have a car care toolkit handy inside your vehicle. This kit should encompass all essential tools and devices that you may need in emergencies.

Tire Pressure Gauge

Before hitting the road, you must ensure that the tires in your car are filled to their optimum capacity. Sometimes, air pressure may be evaded from the tires due to driving on rough roads. You always need a tire pressure gauge not only to check the air pressure but also to inflate a tire if it gets flat or leaks. This device is connected to a valve to measure the amount of air pressure released from the tire.

A Lifehammer

This is an extremely important but an understated tool for cars. A lifehammer can save you from fatal situations during unfortunate events like a fire or a car getting stuck under the water. This small device can be attached easily to the driver’s seat and it can be used to break the windows and get out of the car immediately. You can also use it to cut through the seatbelt fabric for a faster escape.

Multi-Drive Wrench

It is an essential tool that should be found in every vehicle that gets stuck in an emergency. If there is a problem with the engine, this wrench can be used to unbolt the screws and nuts. You should always keep it handy in the repair kit.

Jumper Cables

A dead car battery is one of the most dreadful car emergencies. Suppose you get stranded during odd hours with this condition, jumper cables can be your savior. You can use these cables to jump-start the car’s engine. However, you should use them with caution and ensure that the batteries both have similar voltage. Also, your jumper cables should be in good condition without any rust on their clips.

A Tow Strap

This is a tool that every driver needs during sudden breakdowns. If this happens to you, a chain or a tow strap can be used to tow your car safely out of an emergency. With these, you won’t need to call the tow truck to help you out. You can simply choose heavy-duty ropes and cut them to an appropriate size to ensure safe and easy towing.

Screwdriver and Multiple Sockets

You should always have a flat head screwdriver available in your car. Whether you need to remove the battery, change a headlight or tighten the windshield wipers, you need a screwdriver and multiple sockets to deal with the situation.


Whenever an emergency situation occurs during the night hours, you should have a flashlight with a magnet on one of its sides to provide ample lighting. It helps to work on the car even if there is no other source of light nearby.

With these tools in your car, you are always prepared to handle any emergency.