Guide to Blind-Spot Warning

If you are buying a new Nissan car, you are likely to get a plethora of safety features that will give you the confidence to drive around. One of the best safety features that you might find is the blind-spot monitoring system. Here’s all you need to know about it.

How does the blind-spot warning feature work?

Blind-spot warning systems utilize a rearview monitor camera, radar, as well as ultrasonic sensors on your Nissan to detect those vehicles you can’t see. These could lie behind or next to your car. 

If the sensor pinpoints an automobile, you get a visual warning, usually on the front pillars or in the outboard mirrors. When you activate the turn signal, some blind-spot warning systems sound an alert to warn that it’s not safe to change or merge lanes.

The blind-spot warning system of a few Nissan cars also comes with Automatic Emergency Steering. This system automatically veers and/or brakes your car when you activate the turn signal while changing lanes and when a vehicle is in your blind-spot in the adjacent lane.

How to turn off the blind-spot warning system?

It’s not clear as to how to switch off the blind-spot monitoring system of Nissan cars. However, you can access the Driver Assistance settings with the help of the buttons located on the left-hand side of the steering wheel. This function is marked as Blind-Spot or BSW. 

You can also find a button to switch it on or off quickly. However, the location of the button depends on which Nissan model you have. As such, you will have to check your owner’s manual in case you aren’t able to locate the button. You will find that these safety features are enabled automatically when you restart the engine. No matter what, they will keep you safe on the road and help you avoid collisions.

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Source: Unsplash