How to Find the Perfect Dog-Friendly Car

How to Find the Perfect Dog-Friendly Car

The safety and comfort of pets are important when driving with them. If you are shopping around for a dog-friendly car, you should focus on the features that can make every ride with your furry friend pleasurable. It should offer some basic functionality to ensure easy in and out of the vehicle for dogs. Also, check the sizing of the cabin. It should be appropriate for comfortable seating of your pet. There are many other features that should be focused upon to invest in a car that is perfect for your dog.

1. Look for the Backseat Shape

The shape of the backseat cushions and backrest should be chosen according to the size of your dog. For example, if you have a canine with a large torso, you should opt for bench seats while sculpted backseats are more suitable for smaller dogs. When checking the seat shape, look for the seat belt buckles as well. They should be easy to operate for fastening the belt of your dog.

2. Look for Strong Floor Mats

Your dog will most likely clamber into the car with muddy paws and shedding fur. It can cause damage to the car’s upholstery. Therefore, you should look for protected seat covers as well as high-quality floor mats in the car. This will protect the upholstery and make the interior always look fresh.

3. Look for Climate Control in Backseat

If your dog pants continuously for a long time, you need to understand that it requires cool temperature settings in the car. Look for an advanced climate control feature in the backseat. Along with backseat air ducts, it helps in maintaining proper temperature in the rear side. Mostly, these rear-facing ducts are placed in the center console. However, in some models, they may be located on the side roof pillars. It is advisable to choose a vehicle that allows changes in the backseat temperature separately without any effect on the temperature of the front seats.

4. Look for Proper Height

A dog-friendly car must have a low liftover height and a lower backseat height. This is important to ensure subtle step down for your pet. If the backseat is low in height, your dog can easily climb up without any help. In case you need to carry a dog in a cargo section, you will need low liftover height and a pet barrier. This feature can be easily integrated into a hatchback because they are compatible with folding ramps.

5. Look for Sliding Doors

For the comfort of your pet, you should choose a car offering wide legroom along with sliding rear doors. This feature allows easy step down to the floor for your dog.

6. Look for Pet Barriers

To keep your pet safe in a dedicated area of the cargo section, you need pet barriers installed in your car. Mostly, these barriers can be installed at the dealership. They have a gated section with a latching door that allows the hatch to remain open without affecting the safe travel of your pet.

These are some of the important dog-friendly features in a car.