July In Charleston, SC

July In Charleston, SC

Temperatures are rising, days are longer, and your kids are home from school leaving you stuck trying to find some ways to entertain your family during the second half of summer without group organized activities. Luckily for you, there are plenty of socially responsible activities available to you in Charleston throughout the month of July and the remainder of the summer. Listed below are a few suggestions for what to do this July in the greater Charleston, SC area.

Support Area Artists & Vendors

Luckily for us all, Charleston is not short on extremely talented people who want to share their craft with the world. Because of this, there are a number of gifted artists and entrepreneurs whose brick & mortar businesses are suffering from a lack of foot traffic resulting in lower revenue than anyone could have expected prior to the COVID-19 outbreak. Whether you are looking for handmade arts and crafts, some stylish new threads, vibe-altering home decor, or anything in between, there are a number of vendors to choose from that call Charleston home and could use a little support from their community right about now.

Personal Garden Party

After a few months of remodeling and revamping, Cypress Gardens is finally open again. Step away from the city streets and immerse yourself in the quiet serenity only provided by the great outdoors. From a self-guided boat tour to a stroll through the Butterfly House and Swamparium, Cypress Gardens is the perfect spot to burn a beautiful day with the ones you love most. 

Eat Local

Charleston’s food scene is second to none. While COVID-19 has severely affected the food industry throughout the world, you can help curb the damage by supporting your favorite local eateries. Whether you’re snagging a sandwich from Brown Dog Deli for lunch or you’re flipping a coin to decide between southern cuisine from FIG and seafood from 167 Raw, there’s more than a few tasty options to choose from.

Above All Else

As we as a country continue to navigate the COVID-19 outbreak, it is essential that everyone follows the government suggested protocols laid out here. While following these guidelines is key to curbing the effects of the outbreak, it is also important to remember to do some things that make you happy and relieve your anxiety. Whether that takes the form of supporting a local artist, spending a relaxing day at Cypress Gardens, or simply enjoying a meal from your favorite neighborhood spot, there’s plenty of things to do in Charleston this July that are both fun and well within the COVID-19 protocol guidelines.