Will my car's maintenance light reset itself?

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Will my car's maintenance light reset itself?

You're driving down the road on a beautiful, sunny day when suddenly, your vehicle's maintenance light pops up on the dashboard. What do you do? Some drivers vow to get the vehicle to the mechanic right away to get the light checked out, while others might wait a few days to see if the light turns off on its own. Which is the right approach, and will the car's maintenance light actually reset itself?

How to reset a car dashboard warning light

The answer really depends on a few things. First, what type of dashboard light has appeared? It's always a good idea to check with your owner's manual in order to identify the light accordingly. If it's the check engine light, this means that there could be a major repair issue or something as simple as a loose gas cap. In the event that you do get a check engine light, you could make sure the gas cap is on tight and wait three days or so to see if the light resets itself.

Another type of light you may encounter is the general maintenance light. This is a clear indication that your Nissan is due for an oil change. In most vehicles, this light will appear after a set amount of miles. This indicator light must be manually reset. In addition to the type of indicator, it's also important to be mindful of any issues the vehicle might be having. If you are noticing more engine noise, are smelling burning or other new smells inside the cabin or the vehicle is experiencing performance issues, then it might be time to bring your vehicle in for service.

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