Minivan vs. SUV: Which One Should You Buy?

Minivan vs. SUV: Which One Should You Buy?

If you are looking to buy a new car that can haul your entire family, two great choices are the SUV and minivan. It can be difficult to choose between the two as there is not much difference. To help you take an informed decision, we have provided a comparison between the minivan and SUV below.

Minivans: Pros and Cons

The minivan has been a perfect family car for several decades. One of the good features of the minivan is it is very good at hauling a mix of people and cargo. Minivans have a lower ground clearance that helps it score high on ease of use factor. The third-row in the minivan can comfortably seat adults and no one will ask for a stretch break while on a road trip. The most attractive characteristic of the minivan is its sliding doors that open wider than any traditional doors of an SUV or any car. Most minivan models offer fold-flat seating for the second- and third-row which means the seats can be folded to carry more cargo. Minivans also offer tri-zone climate control and rear seat entertainment which means even third-row passengers have no reason to complain.

Some of the drawbacks of minivans are that they are more expensive than regular cars and you have limited options in terms of all-wheel drive that can limit your road trip options. Another drawback is the seating arrangement. If your kids are sitting in the second- and third-rows, you will find it difficult to reach them and you will feel that they are a mile away.

SUV: Pros and Cons

When you think of the SUV, the first thing that comes to mind is its road capability. Most SUV models come with four-wheel drive which makes it a preferred choice for families who like adventure. The SUV is also a perfect family car for you if you like to take on an adventurous route passing through mountains and hills. The four-wheel drive ensures you can always take on treacherous roads with confidence.

While you have only a few models of minivans, you are spoiled by choice in terms of SUV models. You get an option of gasoline and diesel, and the SUV has a raised ground clearance which allows you to drive the car on rugged terrain easier. Since SUVs are larger than most vehicles, you get a large trunk space and passengers of every row have ample space to stretch out. SUVs are also good family cars to drive in bad weather. Since the SUV is on the heavier side and has better handling, you will feel confident driving in harsh weather conditions. It has wider and bigger wheels which means better traction on the road.

Some of the drawbacks of the SUV are that they are more expensive and loading goods as well as kids is not easy due to the higher ground clearance. Since SUVs are bigger and heavier, they are not as fuel-efficient as minivans.