Will Nissan's Next GT-R Be the “Fastest Super Sports Car in the World”?

Will Nissan's Next GT-R Be the “Fastest Super Sports Car in the World”?

Nissan’s GT-R may be in the early phase of development but this next-gen vehicle is already creating a lot of ripples in the auto industry. With this car, the Japanese company is expected to change the super sports car segment forever and for good. A lot of speculations are made about the debut of the R36 as a Godzilla replacement in this hypercompetitive market. Much has been revealed by the Design Chief, Albert Albaisa. Some highlights are given here to prove if it will be the fastest super sports car in the world.

The Electrification Factor

The original GT-R was well-fitted with a robust engine and high-end technology. Over the years, it was given many potential facelifts and upgrades. This time, Nissan is contemplating a complete makeover for the platform and powertrain of this latest model. While auto experts are making their guesses, the company hasn’t yet finalized these factors for the development of new GT-R.

The Visual Cues

As per the Design Chief of Nissan, it can be safely concluded that the new avatar of the GT-R won’t be inspired by the special edition ItalDesign GT-R50. Meanwhile, the design teams are reviewing the initial drawings until they get a final decision about the car’s powertrain and platform. Whether it prefers complete electrification or none in any way, this vehicle will garner a lot of power.

The Platform to Be Used

The automaker hasn’t really revealed much about the platform that it intends to use for the development of the new GT-R. Apparently, it will not be produced on the current platform used for this model. Rather, Nissan is working on a new architecture to design a platform that suits a powerful automobile that can earn the title of the fastest super sports car in the world.

What about the Powertrain?

In its current version, the GT-R gathers a lot of power from its robust engine. It comes with a turbo V6 3.8L engine and can reach a speed of 0-100 in just 2.7 seconds. The company is definitely eyeing a better figure with the new launch. It will be an increased level of power and performance. However, weight can be a deterrent in this selection. With hybridization, its power will be boosted but weight issues will continue to linger. However, the company is still working on several ideas to find the best solution that it can.

Some experts believe that the powertrain of this fast sports car could be taken from the hybrid GT-R LMP1 that was designed for the World Endurance Championship but was never launched. If the company goes with the same powertrain or betters it, you can expect a sports car that can emanate more than 700 BHP of power. It will have higher torque and overall output to be the best in class.

With speculations still rife about this car, it is anticipated to be launched by early 2020. And, if it delivers to the promises being made, it is all set to be the fastest sports car in the world.