Nissan Armada Models, Generations, and Redesigns

Tagged as one of the largest SUV trucks in the automobile market, Nissan Armada was launched in 2004 with a 5.6L V8 engine and 305hp and eight people seating capacity, with pricing between $1,509-9,133. The car also offers rear-wheel and four-wheel drive. Armada has always been known for its spacious interiors, leg space, towing capacity, and a good seating capacity for passengers.

Nissan Armada Models

The same specification continued until the year 2008, after which the Armada appeared with a modified front, and its engine changed to standard V8.

In the year 2010, two new trims of Nissan Armada were introduced with a slight price hike while most specifications remained static. Then in 2013, Nissan added Bluetooth and satellite radio across the trims. The 2017 model of Nissan Armada got a new addition with collision warning and automatic brake system, and some redesigning was visible with a steep rise in price ranging between $23,318-39,638. With this year, some major technology upgrades were noted when the second-generation Armada arrived in the market.


From 2004 until 2016, the Nissan Armada carried the tag of its first generation. A 5.6L engine V-8 engine, 305hp, and 5-speed auto transmissions, Armada sported a wide wheelbase of 123.2 inches. Touted as truck SUV, Nissan Armada was designed to carry eight people and had three-row seating with more than enough legroom in the second and third row.

From the year 2017 onwards, Nissan Armada has seen the second generation coming into the light for customers. Along with refreshed looks and designs, the second generation of Armada is comparatively attractive and bulky. The height and wheelbase have been reduced, while the second generation has changed to a seven-speed transmission. There are three new trim levels – SV, SL, and Platinum, with features and specs varying across the trims. Two wheels and four-wheel drive are available for customers, with more additions like Bluetooth, a rearview camera, climate control, Bose audio system, and parking sensor, which make the Nissan Armada quite competitive.

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