Tips for Travelling with Pets

Tips for Travelling with Pets

As a pet parent, you probably love to take your pet along wherever you go. Your four-legged friend also needs to explore the amazing countryside and breathtaking views that this country has to offer. But, a road trip with a pet is easier said than done. You need to contemplate a lot of factors and make a proper itinerary. If planned properly, this can be an exhilarating experience for both you and your pet. Here are some essential tips that may help.

Take Your Pet on Some Short Test Drives

Traveling in a car can be stressful, especially for your pet. Hence, acclimatizing is essential. Before planning your trip, take your pet on some short test drives to check if it can cope with the grudges of a road trip. If your pet can’t manage on a shorter trip, there is no use of thinking about a longer duration. Pets can become agitated or develop motion sickness and anxiety when traveling in a vehicle. So, make sure that your pet can endure these conditions.

Get Your Vehicle Ready

If you are looking to stay on the road for a long duration, you need to choose the best vehicle that offers ample space and comfort. When traveling with kids and pets, it becomes imperative. You can find many vehicles that will fit your criteria. Choose a vehicle having low ride heights and rear lift gates so your pet can jump in and out easily. You should also consider installing cargo tie-downs to take your dog’s kennel. For the comfort of your pet, choose a vehicle that comes with rear air-conditioning, flat-folding seats and spacious cabins.

Stay Safe on the Road

Apart from choosing the right vehicle, it is extremely important to maintain safety for you and your pet inside the moving car. Never allow your pet to be let loose in the car. Sometimes, pets become anxious and they may jump over to the front seat causing severe distractions. The best idea is to carry harnesses or crates for safe traveling with pets. You can attach the harnesses to the child car seat anchors and crates should also be strapped down for assured safety.

Travel with a Proper Utility Kit

Your pet has unique requirements, even when traveling. Hence, it is better to keep a utility and travel kit always handy in your car. This kit should be stocked with all its essentials including food, medications, first aid, a leash, an eating bowl, grooming supplies, vaccination documents, plastic bags and a waste scooper. Apart from these, carry a lot of water to avoid dehydration of your pet. Choose a vehicle that offers ample space to stack these items safely.

Stay at a Pet-Friendly Hotel

To stay safe with your pet, you need to find a hotel that allows animals to stay with their owners. There are some hotels that may charge excessively to allow your pet. Hence, it is advisable that you book the accommodations in advance. Even on the go, you can use the integrated navigation system of your vehicle to find an appropriate hotel on your route.

Follow these tips to travel easily and safely with your pet.