Tips to Keep Your Car Cool in the Summer

Tips to Keep Your Car Cool in the Summer

Is it unbearable for you to sit in your car while traveling or even after getting back in the vehicle after some time? Summers can really get on your nerves when it comes to heating up your car, resulting in extremely uncomfortable journeys. If you’re looking at staying two steps ahead of the scorching summer heat, here are a few tips to make sure your car stays cool!

Airing Out

It is always important for your car to be well ventilated, especially if it is out in the open under the sun. Whenever you need to keep your car outside without any shade to cover it, you should get into the habit of leaving a tiny crack in the windows if you are in a safe area. This will ensure that the internal and external air is flowing in and out of the car and the air that is stifled up inside is not getting overheated because of the sun.

Solar-Powered Fans

This tiny gadget proves to be perfect when it comes to combating the harsh summer heat. Consider talking to your dealer or invest in this device since it helps to maintain the airflow and ventilation within the engine and cooling system of the car.

Tinted Windows

Getting your windows tinted according to the stipulated percentage is another way to battle the heat. This ensures that the sun’s rays don’t infiltrate the car as much, keeping the interior comparatively cooler. This will provide a fool-proof solution for your car, especially in the summer heat.

Visors and Shades

Window visors and sun shades are summer-friendly accessories that can help you prevent any discomfort caused by the heat. Visors are slightly tinted and can be fitted onto windows, ensuring that the heat doesn’t seep inside. Sun shades, on the other hand, provide full coverage to the dashboard and windshield whenever the car is parked and stationary.


It is always important to store an extra bottle of coolant or antifreeze in the car. It’s not just the interior of the car that is affected due to the sweltering heat, but there are times when it is too much for the car engine and mechanical system to handle as well. Coolant helps keep the cooling system of the car more efficient, making the inner workings of the vehicle smoother and well-functioning in the heat.

Find the Perfect Parking Spot

Make sure you park your car as far away from direct sunlight as possible. Choosing a shaded parking spot can save you from a lot of trouble, especially when you get back into the car after a long period of time. When it comes to parking at home, try not to park the car out on the street and park the car in your garage if you have one, since it’s a cooler environment for your car to be in.

These are a few tips you can incorporate in your daily life, more so in the summer season, when the heat is too hot to handle for both you and your car!