When Should You Not DIY Auto Repair?

When Should You Not DIY Auto Repair?

Modern cars are complicated machines and repairing or maintaining them is not an easy task. Without the right knowledge, you are more likely to damage the part during auto repair. Here are some vehicle maintenance tasks that you should not do by yourself.

Body Work and Paint

Applying paint and repairing body panels is an expensive and messy process. You need to have proper training to do such repair jobs in a safe manner. If you try doing the paint work by yourself, you may end up with lots of other issues like insufficient clear coats, shoddy coverage and overspray issues that only add to the expense. In most cases, you will be required to get the work done again from professionals.

Engine Control Unit Repairs

Engine control units go bad and you might be tempted to DIY repair them. One rule of thumb you should follow in auto repair is to never try to repair automotive computer units.You need to be a certified ASE technician to handle the complicated engine control unit repairs. There are several complicated things like redline limiters, shift points and air/fuel ratios that need professional expertise. Let an experienced ASE certified take over the repair task of the engine control unit.

Windshield Replacement

It is one of the most dreaded repair tasks due to the costs involved. A windshield replacement costs around $200 and $300. If the windshield cracks or suffers any damage during DIY replacement, all money goes down the drain. Many people try using used windshields from an old, unused car and think there is nothing to lose. The fact is that if you consider expenses of the fresh clips, adhesive, trim window pieces, the expenses and the quote from the garage, it is almost the same. If you are planning to install a new windshield, always get it done from a professional.

Fuel System Repairs

Fuel system repairs are dangerous and you might end up blowing up your car. According to auto repair experts, if you are not careful you might suffer from third-degree burns. Fuel systems can cause headaches, garage fires and make you unconscious. It’s better you leave such hazardous work to the professionals.

Coil Springs Repair

Coil springs in cars are tightly wound straps. These springs are under extreme pressure and have the ability to kill a grown person. If you try a DIY repair of coil springs, you are putting yourself in danger to save a few hundred dollars. There are several videos on the Internet explaining the danger of repairing coil springs. It’s an intelligent decision to leave such dangerous work to the professionals.

Transmission Repairs

Have you ever looked inside a transmission system of your car? The transmission system is a complicated maze of rods, bearings, gears and many more things that need to be fitted in the perfect place for the transmission to work after repair. Without the right knowledge and experience, you are more likely to break a few important circuits, clips or sensors. Also, the gearbox is heavy and you will need assistance to try repairing the transmission.

Thus, you can see DIY auto repair is not always the best option. Some auto repairs are better handled by professionals.