Things to Avoid While Spring Cleaning Your Car

Things to Avoid While Spring Cleaning Your Car

Most people think spring is a beautiful season. Why shouldn’t they? After a cold, harsh, and dark winter, spring comes like a welcome break to all of us. It’s also the season when you need to work twice as hard to clean your car because of pollen and the allergies it brings. Spend some time to clear out your car so that you can enjoy long rides to admire the beauty of spring.

Do Not Ignore the Carpets and Upholstery

While you may think the inside of your car is free of the pollen and dust, it’s not. Never ignore the interior of your car during spring cleaning. Use a damp towel to wash the seats. To get rid of any mud, rock salt debris, or dry dirt on the carpets, use a vacuum cleaner.

Do Not Leave the Car’s Exterior Dirty

The car’s exterior needs to be washed and waxed to get rid of accumulated dust, mud, and salt. Start with a good car wash and finish off with a car wax. Car wax is available as a liquid, or sometimes as a spray. Car wax strengthens the car paint and also adds a nice shine. While you’re at it, don’t forget to clean the headlights and mirrors. You can use a glass surface cleaner for those.

Do Not Use the Winter Tires

When you start your spring cleaning, don’t forget to change out the winter tires. Winter tires contain a rubber compound that wears down on roads without ice. Use all-season tires when spring rolls around, and keep them on until snow starts to fall in the winter.

Do Not Miss the Hood

A clean car engine goes a long way. Not only does it last longer, but it also saves you money at the mechanic’s station. Don’t forget to look under the hood during spring cleaning. Harmful dirt can get trapped here and wreak havoc on your vehicle.

Clean the engine compartment with soap and water to ensure its squeaky clean. To make sure the sensitive areas don’t get wet, dry the engine once you’re done. Before you clean the hood, turn off your engine and remove the battery cables.

Do Not Forget the Trunk

We all store things in our trunks and then forget them. While you’re cleaning all the rest of the vehicle, don’t miss the trunk. Take out anything you don’t need and vacuum the dust and debris away. Clean the carpet liner too to ensure that the trunk is completely dust free.

With these few steps, your car is as good as new and ready to enjoy spring!