Which Nissan Vehicles Offer AWD or 4WD?

Which Nissan Vehicles Offer AWD or 4WD?

When looking to buy a new vehicle, you should choose a Nissan AWD or 4WD vehicle to take on the road with ease and comfort. This feature tends to handle efficiently on bad roads, especially during the winter season. Your driving becomes effortless and more safe since this drivetrain option ensures better control on all four wheels.

Why Choose Nissan AWD or 4WD Vehicles?

Nissan has integrated intuitive all-wheel drive technology that relies on a center differential to divide power amid front and rear axles of the car. This feature usually differs per model. Some models come with a 50/50 split ratio while others have 35/65 front-rear split. Due to this system, the car can automatically redirect power to any wheel per demands and road conditions.

There are many Nissan vehicles equipped with one of these drivetrain options. You can choose any of these models depending on your preferences.

Nissan Murano (AWD)

The Murano is a crossover vehicle in which the AWD feature initiates as soon as you accelerate and start the vehicle. After reaching cruising speed on the highway, you can back off this feature as it isn’t required on the highway. You can easily shift gears when driving on challenging roads or in the rough weather.

Nissan Rogue (AWD)

With an intuitive AWD feature, the Nissan Rogue is a vehicle that can quickly adapt to changing road and weather conditions. If you make a switch from icy to dry roads, this car will ensure smooth handling and its AWD system will activate instantly.

Nissan Pathfinder (4WD)

The Pathfinder has a unique 4X4-I four-wheel drive system that helps to choose the desired driving mode when hitting rough roads. It is a three-row SUV that offers comfortable spacing for accommodating your entire family. So, if you need a car that’s both comfortable and safe, choose the Nissan Pathfinder.

Nissan Xterra (4WD)

With an impressive four-wheel drive feature and low-range gearing, the Xterra is an exceptional vehicle for those who love off-road adventures in the toughest terrains. The company has ceased its production a few years back but you can look through the pre-owned inventories to buy this outstanding crossover.

Nissan Juke (AWD)

The Nissan Juke is a small SUV that comes with an option to add torque vectoring AWD for better control and desired traction while driving. With this feature, it becomes easier to shift the power from the front to rear wheels as the road demands.

Nissan GT-R (AWD)

Nissan’s exceptional AWD feature is also integrated into this attractive sports car. The GT-R is often dubbed as a supercar due to the outstanding engine power and performance that it emanates. In the 2018 model of this car, you can find an AWD feature that ensures complete control over the car irrespective of road and weather conditions.

Nissan Armada (AWD)

The Armada is a luxurious vehicle that offers extremely comfortable seating options along with a larger trunk space and legroom. This vehicle can accommodate six passengers at a time and you can drive safely even on the toughest road and weather conditions.

For a comfortable and safe driving experience, choose any of these Nissan vehicles.