Reasons You Should Drive a Nissan

Once you come to the conclusion that you need to buy a new car, the next big question is which car will suit your interests the best. There are several major factors that you need to consider before actually choosing a vehicle. With an array of different features, choices and price ranges, you might as well consider a Nissan as your best option.

Here are a few great reasons as to why you should drive a Nissan.

The Beauty of it All

Your car is a symbol of your own personality and likings....continue reading

Car Buying Guide For First-Time Drivers

Purchasing a car for the first time can get very overwhelming. With numerous options, it is quite common for first-time drivers to be lost in the magnitude of information. Here is a quick view of some of the best cars for beginners.

Honda Civic

Although small, the Honda Civic is an all-time favorite for first-time car buyers. The engine options are great with both the 1.5-liter and 2.0-liter turbocharged models providing great fuel economy. The Honda Civic has a...continue reading

How to Get Dog Hair Out of Your Car

Pet owners know that cleaning dog hair out of a vehicle is a near impossible task. There are times you need to take your dog somewhere special, and need to come along with you in your car. When the dog is settled, youre stuck with the tiresome task of removing all the hair from your cars seats. To make your life easier, here a few tips to effectively remove dog hair from your car.

Balloons and Physics

Did you pay attention in science class? It may seem silly, but a balloon...continue reading

Things to Avoid While Spring Cleaning Your Car

Most people think spring is a beautiful season. Why shouldnt they? After a cold, harsh, and dark winter, spring comes like a welcome break to all of us. Its also the season when you need to work twice as hard to clean your car because of pollen and the allergies it brings. Spend some time to clear out your car so that you can enjoy long rides to admire the beauty of spring.

Do Not Ignore the Carpets and Upholstery

While you may think the inside of your car...continue reading

How to Clean Pollen Off Your Car

In early spring, trees release a copious amount of pollen and a large amount of pollen settles everywhere, including the surface of your car. Due to its structure, pollen can cause damage to the paint and you need to follow the right procedure to clean pollen off your car. Here are some tips for removing pollen.

What You Should NOT Do

You should never try to brush off the pollen with a duster or use a dry or wet cloth to wipe off the pollen from your cars surface. That will only...continue reading

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