The holiday season is a cozy time for the entire family to get together, especially around fires. It is necessary for you to follow safe practices to be safe on the road. Follow the guidelines mentioned below to drive around trouble-free this winter:

1.      Get the electrical systems checked- The ignition, battery, and lights are the three main components of a cars electrical systems. The battery should be replaced if necessary and its charging system checked, while the ignition must...continue reading

Tips to Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter

Winter is here, which means we need to give extra attention to their vehicles. If important changes are not made now, marginal problems could turn into major problems at colder temperatures. Frozen fuel lines and dead batteries are just a couple of problems which could leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere. To find out exactly how to prepare your vehicle for the winter, look at the following tips:

1.     Check grip on the tires- Tires are the only...continue reading

Can I change just one tire?

Yes, it is possible to change only one tire, but only when the other three tires have most of their treads intact. The reason four tires must be similar is because it will lend uniformity in handling and overall vehicle performance, which encompasses activities such as cornering, braking and accelerating. You wouldnt want your tires to start skidding if you are accelerating in an emergency, would you?

When is it necessary to change a tire?

The tread depth is an easy determiner of whether your vehicle...continue reading

Review of the 2021 Nissan Rogue

The latest version of the Nissan Rogue showcases completely new designs on the outside and the inside, in comparison to its previous avatar. This vehicle is now closer to what buyers have been asking from the Japanese auto manufacturer. Several important tech upgrades have also made it to the latest model. 

Names of trim levels

Three trims from the previous generation have carried over, namely S, SV and SL. The Platinum comes loaded with new features such as quilted leather...continue reading

The Importance of Rotating Your Tires

Rotating tires is a method of overseeing tire tread wearing the grinding and scratching that your tires' tread undergoes while driving. When you rotate the tires, every tire is shifted to another location on your vehicle's axles, such as transferring the right tire at the front to the left position at the back, for instance. This mix enables your tires to wear out all the more evenly! 

Allude to your cars manual or talk with your neighborhood auto care specialists to...continue reading