Are you wondering if you can afford the Nissan of your dreams? The experts here at Hudson Nissan of Charleston are committed to giving you all of the tools you need to plan for your next vehicle purchase. This is why we provide our payment calculator tool for you to use from the convenience of your home. This tool will help you determine your monthly payments and so that we can tailor your plan based on what you would like to pay monthly. Simply enter in the price of the vehicle you are looking at, the interest rate provided, the value of any trade-ins, you may have, and the number of months you would like to have the vehicle paid off in, and let our Payment Estimator tool do the rest! If you are still wondering if you can afford your new Nissan, our experts can also evaluate your trade-in and discuss financing options with you. Call our specialists here at (843) 571-2810 with any additional questions you may have. You are also welcome to visit our experts in person here at 1714 Savannah Highway, Charleston, South Carolina 29407. Let us help you find the best payment plan for you today!