What Are the Best Cars for Summer Road Trips?

Summer is the perfect season for a road trip! With schools closed for summer break, families, young adults and other groups of people decide to hit the road for some fun and relaxation. A cross-country road trip, a trip to the mountains or simply a trip to visit grandparents are all on the summer list. In the United States, however, summer doesnt always mean hot, depending on which state you live in and where youre going.

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Which 2019 Nissan Vehicles Have High Fuel Economy?

Fuel efficiency is an indication of how well a cars engine is designed and built. Cars that are designed to carry heavier loads require larger engines with more cubic capacity and consequently, these kinds of vehicles tend to have a low gas mileage in comparison to smaller and lighter vehicles with smaller engines. On the other hand, hybrid cars and those that run on alternate fuels deliver a much better gas mileage.

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When Is the Best Time of Year to Buy a Car?

Purchasing a car at the right time of the year can mean saving thousands of dollars. Many people dont know that car prices fluctuate throughout the year. There are different factors that affect car prices, like poor dealership sales and the arrival of new models. If you can wait, make sure you go to the car dealership at the right time. Here we have discussed the best time of year to buy a car.

Last Few Days of the Quarter

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Will a Car Payment Affect My Credit Score?

As you drive out of the dealership with your brand new car, you may wonder if a car payment will affect your credit score. Weve listed the answers here to help you drive off the lot without any troubles.

What Happens to a Credit Score When Applying for a Car Loan?

Your credit score dips a little when you apply for a car loan. A lender will make a hard inquiry about your credit history before approving your auto loan. If you approach different lenders for a car loan,...continue reading

When Is A Car Payment Too High?

The cost of cars has risen so much that almost no one pays for their car in cash. Most people take a car loan to finance their car purchase. Today, the costs of cars are rising faster than incomes. Before you shop for an SUV or a car, you need to ask how much you can afford. Here we have discussed important things related to a car

When Is A Car Payment Too High?

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