Nissan Vehicle Purchase Program

At Charleston Nissan, we’re passionate about bringing you great vehicles at incredible values. That’s why we offer our customers in Summerville, North Charleston, and Mount Pleasant various Nissan Vehicle Purchase Programs, such as the Military Discount and the College Grad Program. After all, who deserves sincere thank you’s more than our honorable military servicemen and servicewomen? And who deserves emphatic congratulations more than our brainy college graduates? If you have any questions about these offers, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Charleston Nissan team.

Military Discount

Nissan Vehicle Purchase Program: Military Discounts for Active, Reserve, and Retired U.S. Military. What is it? As a gesture of gratitude to the extreme sacrifices that our military personnel make on behalf of our country, we’re providing eligible participants additional savings towards a new Nissan! Who qualifies? Here are the qualifications for this discount:

  • Active duty, reserve, or retired U.S. Military (and their spouses)
  • Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, or National Guard
  • Proof of military employment, such as Leave and Earnings Statement, Military Identification Card, or other official documentation

Best of all, this offer is compatible with all new Nissan models, excluding LEAF and GT-R. If you’re part of the active, reserve, or retired U.S. military, you’ve already given so much to the United States of America. With that in mind, allow our team at Charleston Nissan to give something back.

College Grad Program

Nissan Vehicle Purchase Program: Nissan’s College Grad Preferred Pricing Program. What is it? Completing college is both a time to celebrate and a time to buckle down financially. With that in mind, we’re offering eligible participants preferred pricing toward specific Nissan models, as well as an option to defer payment for up to 90 days! Who qualifies? Here’s an overview:

  • Graduating within six months from a verifiable U.S. 2-year/4-year college/university, graduate school, or nursing school
  • Graduated from such an institution in the past two years
  • Current employment or proof of employment starting within 90 days

Furthermore, this deal can be used in tandem with other money-saving incentives. If you’re about to graduate college, or if you recently finished, you should be proud of yourself. And let our team at Charleston Nissan be proud of you, too.

Miscellaneous Offers

We also feature Nissan Vehicle Purchase Programs for the following individuals and their qualifying family members: current Nissan employees, current employees of Nissan affiliates, current employees of a Nissan dealership, and current employees of a Nissan business associate. This is our way of rewarding the hardworking men and women who contribute to the Nissan dream, one day at a time.

Learn More about the Available Nissan Vehicle Purchase Programs

Are you looking for additional information about the Nissan Vehicle Purchase Programs at Charleston Nissan? If so, and you live in Summerville, North Charleston, or Mount Pleasant, you’re in luck. All you need to do is contact us at your convenience. Just call, contact us online, or stop by our showroom today, and we’ll be happy to help.