What You Need to Know About All-Wheel Drive Vehicles

What You Need to Know About All-Wheel Drive Vehicles

All-wheel-drive systems have evolved rapidly over the years. Currently, there is a variety of AWD systems to select from. In this post, we will brief you about different kinds of all-wheel-drive vehicles to help you select one that suits your individual requirements.

Initially, all-wheel drive was adopted by brands like Audi and Subaru, which made it a major component of their brand identity. The company marketed it as a major safety feature. It is primarily because, in an all-wheel-drive system, all four wheels receive power and move at the same time. The only difference is among the various kinds of all-wheel drive systems available. Let’s explore the different styles of all-wheel drive vehicles.

All-Wheel Drive Vehicles: Family Cars

Family vehicles such as minivans all incorporate a front-wheel biased AWD system that sends power to the rear wheels only when needed. This style of the all-wheel-drive system is great for snowy or wet driving. 

The primary benefit is its weight distribution. Vehicles with a heavy engine promotes great traction. In most such vehicles, there is a mechanical system powered with sophisticated software to power the rear wheels.

All-Wheel-Drive Vehicles: SUVs and Crossovers

The all-wheel-drive vehicle system used in SUVs and crossovers offers a great benefit for both on- and off-road driving. But the overall performance you get depends on the kind of tires installed on the vehicle. Make sure you’re using weather-appropriate tires. For example, if you live in a region that experiences heavy snowfall, make sure your vehicle is fitted with snow tires. If you plan on driving off-road, find off-road tires that specifically made for your vehicle.

As with any AWD vehicle, you need to use the exact same tire for all four wheels. In addition, if you have to replace one tire, you’ll need to replace all four. This is because all four wheels move at the same time, and any difference in tread wear or pattern will damage your vehicle’s transmission.

All-Wheel Drive Vehicles: Luxury Cars and Sports Cars

Sports sedans and sports cars follow a distinct approach to the all-wheel-drive system. Most of them begin with a rear-wheel biased, which sends power to the front wheels only when needed.

As compared to family cars, luxury and sports cars may not offer the best performance in the snow. If you drive in the snow a lot, then avoid picking a sporty car.