The Benefits of an Extended Warranty

The Benefits of an Extended Warranty

The decision to buy a new car brings along a lot of excitement in which you may forget an important aspect like the warranty. Most buyers are often confused if they should choose an extended warranty on their vehicle. There are many benefits of this warranty if you know how to leverage them. Choose to buy your car from a trusted dealership to begin with.

An extended warranty protects car owners from costly repairs after the initial new warranty expires. They allow repairs to be made with little or no deductibles. It is a security against unexpected repairs. The chief benefits of an extended warranty are:

It Provides Comprehensive Coverage

When you buy a new or used car from a dealership, you’ll receive a warranty on your purchase. But, this warranty is limited in its scope and application. It means that many repairs needed by your car will be either covered up to a specified amount or it will not be covered at all. It is an inadequate coverage for which you need a comprehensive extended warranty. Without any extra financial stress, this coverage will provide protection to your vehicle for an additional period after its original manufacturer warranty expires.

It Ensures Complete Peace Of Mind

Many people choose to buy an extended warranty for complete peace of mind. If an unexpected event occurs, it works as a safety net for your vehicle. It includes basic towing services, a rental vehicle to get back on the road and money to stay in a hotel. A sudden engine breakdown or immediate need for a new transmission can be met with this warranty.

It Offers More Savings

An extended warranty acts as a shield against costly repairs. It is similar to financing the potential cost of repair at an affordable price. In the event of a breakdown, you may not be required to pay out of your pocket depending on the amount of coverage selected by you. It is a monthly premium paid towards the extended warranty.

It Keeps You Well-Informed

When you buy an extended warranty, you receive complete assistance from skilled and knowledgeable staff of the service provider. If you do not possess ample knowledge in the field of automotives, you often need to rely on professional mechanics for issues related to your vehicle. If you have an extended warranty, there is a strong advocate to voice your concerns. The company will provide immediate assistance in emergency conditions.

It Enhances the Resale Value

With an extended warranty, you can increase the resale value of your car. When buying a new car, you may not think about selling it off later. But, with time, you feel a need to upgrade to the latest model by selling the existing one. If your car has an extended warranty in its package, it attracts a better resale value to seal the best deal.

These are the benefits that you can avail of an extended auto warranty.