How to Finance Car Repairs

How to Finance Car Repairs with Hudson Nissan of Charleston

Hudson Nissan of Charleston has worked hard to provide its customers with the best possible financing options to make sure their service and car repair needs are always met. At the same time, the dealership has also streamlined the entire process, thereby taking the stress out of the equation. Having a simple process in place helps Sunbit provide the best finance options in the shortest amount of time to all customers.

Why should you choose Sunbit?

Making use of the Sunbit finance options at Hudson Nissan automatically qualifies you for the following:

  • High data security 

  • Payment plans that are customized to your needs

  • You are guaranteed to get the best deal here

Speed, transparency and simplicity

Sunbit works in a fast, transparent and simple manner so that Nissan customers do not have to undergo any troubles while selecting from their favorite finance options.

  • Fast - You only need to spend 60 seconds to apply for your financing 

  • Transparent - Financing terms from Sunbit do not present any ambiguity, and there are no hidden fees or other such costs

  • Simple - You get to choose how to pay and the day/date of payment  

How to get pre-qualified for an auto service financing loan

In order to make yourself eligible for the pre-qualification, you need to provide some personal information such as a state-issued ID or driver’s license, your email address, and a debit card issued by a bank. At the time of application, you must be 18 years of age or above (according to state law). You also need to be in possession of either an APO/AFO address or a street address.

Are you eager to know if you’re pre-qualified or not? If yes, then you will get to see your complete finance charges, your APR, and your monthly payments. Once completed, the pre-qualification stands for a period of 14 days. Any terms stated in the pre-qualification will always be subject to a constant ability to meet pre-qualification criteria.

Getting major services done is vital for your car

The best way to preserve the longevity of your Nissan is to get major repairs done using the Sunbit auto service financing option. It is important to take care of service problems before they completely destroy your mobility. Not only are these repairs important for your own safety, but for the safety of your car as well.

Do you want to protect yourself from being stranded in the middle of nowhere? Even the best cars are electrical and mechanical machines at the end of the day, and could create problems without warning. Sunbit helps take care of these problems. The finance company simply does not want you to be a victim of damaged tires, electrical issues, and defunct engines, each of which presents significant danger.

Any small problem in your car, if ignored, can turn into a major threat over time. If you are unsure about the overall health of your car, bring it over to Hudson Nissan ASAP. Our experts will take a look and inform you about the best course of action.