How to Get Dog Hair Out of Your Car

How to Get Dog Hair Out of Your Car

Pet owners know that cleaning dog hair out of a vehicle is a near impossible task. There are times you need to take your dog somewhere special, and need to come along with you in your car. When the dog is settled, you’re stuck with the tiresome task of removing all the hair from your car’s seats. To make your life easier, here a few tips to effectively remove dog hair from your car.

Balloons and Physics

Did you pay attention in science class? It may seem silly, but a balloon can be a wonderful tool to remove dog hair from your car. Rubbing a balloon against your car's upholstery creates static electricity, which attracts the dog hair particles to stick on the surface of the balloon. Once you’re done cleaning, you can throw away the balloon.

The Rubber Kitchen Glove

Wet a pair of rubber kitchen gloves and rub them in one direction over your car’s upholstery. The hairs should accumulate into a ball, easy to remove or vacuum. If you prefer, you can wet the seats first instead of the gloves.

Hair Curlers

Those old style hair curlers can also help you out. Use them as you would a lint brush, gliding them against the interior of your car. Since hair curlers don’t have any adhesive surfaces, you can use them more than once.

Fabric Softener

Surprisingly, fabric softener is one of the best chemicals to loosen hair from soft surfaces. Mix a small amount of fabric softener in a spray bottle, add tap water, and spray over a hair infested area. Let it dry and then suck it all up with a vacuum cleaner or wipe away with paper towels.

Specialized Vacuum Cleaners

If these home remedies don’t work out for you, try a vacuum cleaner specifically designed to remove pet hairs. These vacuums are equipped with a powerful motor that sucks in all the hair, and special attachments that use static electricity to pluck up the hair particles, much like the balloon.

Adhesive Tapes

Normal packing tape or duct tape can also work. Dab the sticky side of the tape onto a hairy spot and press down. Peel it up after a moment. You will see the hair particles stuck to the adhesive surface.

If you follow some of these tips, the hair removal process will be a little less tiring.