Is the Nissan Kicks the Ultimate City Commuter?

The Nissan Kicks is called a compact SUV by the company, though this description has caused quite a few disagreements. Though the title can arguably be defended, it is not about the title as much as it is about this vehicle's excellent utility as one of the finest city commuters out there. Bear in mind that this vehicle was not created for those who seek to always drive on the road less traveled, in circumstances best described as lacking, and in conditions more often than not described as adverse. This vehicle was crafted for those who wish to combine ruggedness with comfort and ease of driving, and that makes this car perfect for long city commutes.

Long city commutes require excellent mileage due to the distance involved, as well as the often-congested city traffic which an individual must navigate through. The Nissan Kicks offers an excellent mileage of 31mpg in the city and 36 mpg on the highway for a combined mileage of 33 mpg. This makes it an excellent drive, even for the long-range commuters from the suburbs who can finally afford to travel in comfort and quite a bit of style as well.

Comfort is essential during long city commutes due to the strain of driving continuously in traffic anywhere between 30 to ninety minutes. The expansive legroom and the optimized location of the pedals ensure not only a comfortable posture but also minimal force to operate the vehicle. A case in point is the steering wheel, which could be operated by merely a finger. The vehicle also boasts of an excellent audio system and a very modern display interface, which further enhances the quality of the commute. Furthermore, its suspension system and clearance are all designed to give you nothing but the smoothest riding experience.

The engine also carries with it enough strength and torque to even offroad the vehicle whenever the need to escape the maddening crowd becomes a necessity. This vehicle is perfect for long commutes, whether that takes you to remote destinations, or to your office in the city. To know more about this vehicle, ask around at car dealerships in Charleston SC, and just take it for a test drive. Even better, drop by the Hudson Nissan of Charleston dealership for the best deals. This location serves the neighboring cities of West Ashley, Walterboro, and Johns Island as well. 

Source: Nissan