Fall Scenic Road Trip Ideas

Fall Scenic Road Trip Ideas

Its fall season and the perfect weather for fall foliage. If you are planning a weekend getaway for the same reason, go on a road trip. America has some of the most amazing fall foliage views on the planet. So, grab your kids, pack the bags and get on the road. Here are the best road trip ideas for you.

Take a Drive to Blue Ridge Parkway

As America’s most popular drive, the Blue Ridge Parkway is absolutely stunning in the fall season. Though it is not a national park, it connects two major national parks: the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in North Carolina and Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. It is a 469-mile stretch of road that winds through rugged mountains and passes spectacular valleys displaying beautiful shades of red, yellow, and orange in their foliage. 

Go to Cherokee Foothills Scenic Highway in South Carolina

Along the slopes of the Southern Appalachians, Cherokee Foothills is a drive that takes you to an ancient Indian path. It crosses colorful orchards, dense woods and the beautiful white water river. Also, you can enjoy the scenic views of more than 50 waterfalls including the Raven Cliff Falls. It is a series of waterfalls that plunges deep up to 400 feet in a narrow gauge. The entire drive stretches over 130 miles, apart from side trips.

Drive to the Mohawk Trail in Massachusetts

From Athol to Williamstown, Mohawk Trail is around 69 miles of driving. Originally, this trail connected the Atlantic Coast to the Native American tribes. You can still witness the remnants of history along this path. You can take Routes 2 and 2A to follow the trail running parallel to the Deerfield River. Make sure you don’t miss the stunning views of the Taconic Mountains and Berkshires. 

Explore the Finger Lakes in New York

As an excursion outside the city, the Finger Lakes region of New York is known for its fall foliage and beautiful sceneries. You can start your trip from the city and go through Pennsylvania via Tobyhanna State Park. Plan a hiking tour to the Lehigh Valley and visit the Finger Lakes region near Ithaca to explore the local wineries.

Soak in the Wilderness of Inyo National Forest in California

From the east of Yosemite to south of Sequoia National Park, this national forest covers over 1.9 million acres of stunning scenery. It has nine wilderness areas to witness the beauty of this region. Fall is the best time to visit this area due to the richness of colors and slight coolness in the weather. The canyons and valleys display stunning gold, red, and orangish hues of fall foliage. It takes two hours to drive there from Yosemite.

Travel to the Gold Coast in Michigan

For a coastal drive, plan your journey through the Grand Traverse Bay to explore 100-mile long coast of Lake Michigan on the northeastern side. It has many beautiful lighthouses, fishing towns and coves to explore on the way.

Take any of these trips to explore the scenic beauty of the country during the fall. But, most importantly, choose a reliable vehicle and get it thoroughly checked at a trusted dealership before your trip.